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Control of Your Future

The estate planning team at Waldron Rand understands that guiding clients through the intricate estate planning laws to minimize tax liability is just the beginning in formulating a successful estate plan. We place great importance on knowing you, your family dynamic, life style choices, and your personal and business goals to ensure that the services we provide truly reflect you, in life and in death. We work closely with a team of advisers and consultants to provide you with a comprehensive, seamless experience with experts who are intimate with the full scope of your financial affairs.

Estate planning is an on-going process that must consistently emulate life’s changes. We are proactive in identifying and implementing those changes so that our clients continually feel confident and in control of their future.

Our services include:

  • Review of life insurance and long-term care insurance needs
  • Gift and charitable contribution planning
  • Asset protection
  • Tax minimization
  • Wealth transfer

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