Discussion Topics

The partners at Waldron Rand provide insightful presentations for conferences, seminars and workshops. They will custom-design speaking engagements for a variety of groups and organizations to address your audience’s unique needs and interests. Below is a list of some of the most highly requested business topics. Please contact us at advice@waldronrand.com or call 781.449.5825 for more information.

  • Risks & Rewards In Business Decision Making
  • Protect Your Business From The Most Common Retirement Planning Misperceptions
  • The Role Of Retirement Planning In An Environment Of Rising Taxes
  • Why You Shouldn’t Fear an IRS Audit
  • Creating Value In Uncertain Times
  • Decipher Tax And Investment Rules And Regulations That Impact Your Company’s Bottom Line
  • Succession And Exit Planning: Starting Early to Ensure Success
  • Issues To Understand During Mergers And Acquisitions
  • Expanding Your Business Into The US
  • Foreign Informational Disclosures: Requirements And Options To Ensure Compliance
  • How to Ensure Your CPA Is Also Your Trusted Business Advisor
  • Implications of Life Cycle Events in Tax Planning
  • Real Estate Taxation
  • Tax Planning: Tips & Tactics That Impact Your Bottom Line
  • GAAP Rules And Regulations You Must Understand
  • Business Entity Choice: Which One is Right for Your Company?